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I haven’t been updating properly for a few weeks due to health reasons =/

For the last 7 weeks or so I have been dealing with something that started as a chest cold. I had constant fever for 3 weeks straight, and for 2 weeks that was my only symptom. When I finally started coughing like crazy the fevers still wouldn’t leave me alone, so after 3 weeks of taking whatever I could get over the counter, I finally decided to go to the doctor.

It turns out that my brother caught a cold that turned out to be a severe bronchitis, and it seems I caught the same virus from him. However, in my case it evolved differently, so when I went to the doctor I was diagnosed with pneumonia.

The x-rays the doctor ordered showed the same thing, so I had to take antibiotics and a ton of cough syrup, and even with that I’m still dealing with the congestion. I hate getting sick when the weather is warm…

Anyway, because I haven’t been updating lately, the traffic on the site has been really low, so I decided to take this opportunity to change the site’s theme (layout). I really liked a responsive theme I had for a couple of days, but because I use a caching plugin to speed up the site, it doesn’t display properly on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. It’s really a pity, it had nice advertising areas that would hide on smartphones, but show up on bigger devices.

Also, I was surprised that a couple of people asked me about the mobile site, so I guess it wasn’t working as badly as thought. However, I disabled it because it still was too heavy and it would  take a while to load, so I’m just going to use a regular theme for now. To lessen the chances of smartphones going berserk if/when the squared ad on the sidebar plays video, I decided to hide it from mobile devices via CSS, so you “shouldn’t” be able to see that block, and if you do you it “should” either display an empty block or picture ads, unless you’re on a computer/tablet.

Anyway, after trying a few WordPress themes I decided to give Arras a chance again. So far I’ve gotten things to work for me, but I wish it came with settings to modify the width of the sidebar, that would make it the ultimate free WordPress theme.

By the way, thank you for buying stuff through my affiliate links. I made a few bucks through Skimlinks, mostly on Amazon and eBay sales. If you didn’t know I have affiliate links then scroll to the bottom of the site and take a look at my advertising disclaimer, everything’s there. The funny thing about it is that it’s all been on cheap things, that confirms trying to come up with links to high-end electronics just doesn’t work for me…

Oh, and Prometheus is great, haters can go hell D:<

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