I Like Big Bots

I like big bots, and I cannot lie! This is one of the greatest giant robot t-shirts I’ve seen in years!

Can you identify the source parts?

That’s awesome, I’ve always had a soft spot for giant robots. So, were you able to identify them all? If not, here’s the list:

And now some nitpicking since I think I found a couple of flaws to this design. First, the use of the Iron Giant feels completely off when the rest are Japanese, I think Gigantor (Ironman 28) could have fit better as the torso instead. And then, the right arm should be Optimus Prime’s since it’s the one holding the , I’m pretty sure he’s right-handed. And finally, the scale. I’m pretty sure the VF-1 Valkyrie is the smaller of them all, and the Iron Giant probably the biggest one. Other than that I love the design.

Via Think Geek.

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