Costco out of coffee filters?

costco_wholesale_214_64Something really strange happened yesterday at my local Costco Wholesale store; they ran out of coffee filters. Sure, one would think they simply ran out of them and will get more some other time, but when I asked one of the supervisors his answer wasn’t something I’d expect from a wholesale store; they simply don’t carry them anymore.

Costco is not really a supermarket, and they sell plenty of bulk items to commercial business, including restaurants. Going by that, and the fact that they sell a few coffeefiltersdifferent brands of ground coffee, why would they stop selling coffee filters?

My dad didn’t believe me and went back to the same Costco location, went straight to the customer service desk, and asked the same question. Their answer didn’t make much sense either, and it went something like this: “Many of our customers are opting for buying personal coffee brewers like the Keurig brewers, so we decided not to carry the regular filters anymore.” When my dad asked why they would phase out the regular filters but still sell ground coffee, one of them replied with, “I just buy my filters somewhere else.”

I’m pretty sure many restaurants and diners still serve coffee from the pot, so assuming people would prefer a one-cup brewer over the regular coffee maker is just a bit of a stretch.

I’ll try Sam’s Club next week and see if they still carry them, or maybe BJ’s Wholesale Club.

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