You won’t believe how this guy beat Super Mario World in less than 6 minutes!

It’s amazing how this guy beat the console version of Super Mario World, and all thanks to a glitch. How people find this things out is beyond me.

So here’s the back-story: Twitch user Jeffw356 found a glitch in Super Mario World that allowed him to “finish” the game in 5 minutes during his emulator run, here’s the link to that clip. Then this guy took it upon himself to try and recreate the same glitch in the console version.

That is absolutely insane. Normally I’d be skeptical of speed runs using an emulator, but this guy managed to recreate the same glitch using the SNES console. I don’t know what they did to analyze this and come up with the way to do it, but that’s an impressive trick.

However, as amazing as this is, I technically wouldn’t call this “beating the game.” Since what he did was taking advantage of a glitch that “told” the game to load the credits without beating Bowser, he technically didn’t really do a speed run. I think taking advantage of a glitch to skip levels is fine, but skipping everything straight to the credits is not what I would call a record-breaking speed run, especially without even facing the final boss.

Here’s the Twitch clip without the commentary, you can see how the guy goes bananas when he finally got the game to warp into the credits.

Kudos to them for finding this out.

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