taxes, taxes, taxes…

Lately I’ve been posting a lot of “humor” stuff, mostly to keep my mind off the load of crap I’ve been having to deal with lately.

You see, I’ve been unemployed for over a year, so I’ve been getting unemployment benefits (and they’re gone already :'( ).

Anyway, I went to do my taxes on Wednesday, I decided to go to an accountant since I had a “little” hiccup called “form 1099-A,” a form I received after I declared bankruptcy last year, and that serves the purpose of f**king you up by reporting whatever you didn’t pay a mortgage lender when you give up your property and they do the forclosure, in short you have to report whatever the bank lost in the settlement as an income/gain and you have to pay taxes over that.

I was about to do my taxes in H&R Block, but I overheard a conversation between a tax preparer and a customer with a similar problem, and the guy said to her “paying this is better than having to pay the full amount you owed,” so I said to myself “HELL NO!” and went straight to an accountant xD.

Anyway, they did got me out of that problem, there’s a form that can get you out of that trouble, I mean I don’t have a job dammit! Sorry about that xD, as I was saying the form 982 can get you forgiven from having to pay taxes over the amount you owed the bank, so long as that was your primary property and you lived there, if you had it as an investment it can’t be done.

So they solved that problem, charged me $240 and everything is done and done.

Well, not really, I have to pay $2,000 in taxes, all because I didn’t let them take taxes off of my unemployment checks, they were small to begin with, had I let them they those checks would have been too small to keep up with my other obligations…

So, I came home just to find a letter from the IRS, they say there’s a mistake in my 2008 taxes and that I owe them $454 O_o….

And they were right, there was a mistake that came from not using the W2 from my last employer from that year, I kept asking them about it but all they said was “it’s in the mail,” so I ended up using my last payment slip, the difference is about $2,800 something.

Now I have to find a way to pay the smaller amount in full and start a payment plan for the big ones, at this rate I’m gonna end up placing a donation button on the site x_x…

This has been my gratuitous rant for this week 😉

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