Arizona: A State of Mind :)

Arizona was never a state with too terribly much to recommend it, tourism-wise. But their image to many as a collection of holes in the desert surrounded by rednecks and party schools hasn’t been helped by recent events. Lawmaking advertising the state to be at least 51% a-hole has many in the country scrambling to boycott a state it was always kind of easy to forget about in the first place.

And as repellent as the new laws are, we must at some point recognize the true victims here–the hardworking folks at the Arizona Tourism Office. They’ve been putting lipstick on that pig for a long time now, this recent crap must have them rushing to send out resumes to more desirable tourist destinations. Like say, Jersey.

Good luck, guys.

For more on the Arizona boycott:…

Based on the ironically titled mess here:

By Andy Cobb and Ithamar Enriquez.

Ithamar Enriquez as The Guy Who Runs At The End
VOs by Andy Cobb and Jamie Moyer

Copyright 2010 by The Second City, Andy Cobb, and Ithamar Enriquez.

That’s too bad, I wanted to see that desert so bad……….but I don’t feel like carrying my passport with me at all times, quite a dilemma >:3

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