Shenanigans from the House of Mouse

Fun Fact:

No Disney animated movie has grossed as much money as any Pixar movie since Pixar was formed. Because of this, Disney plans to phase out of animation and focus only on Pixar.

I read this little gem over on this blog.

This probably isn’t true, or it was during the time in which Disney was going through some dark times (some 4-5 years ago) I think it’s a pile of shit on Disney’s behalf though.

I feel like they should’ve profited more off the success of “The Princess and The Frog”, and make more traditional animated features. Not only that, but probably re-open the French studio that they closed years ago, and hire that fresh new talent, specially those coming out of that Gobelins school in Paris.

I mean, holy crap, those guys are DEDICATED. The stuff they put out as their thesis and reels is just amazing. It’s as if they are animating on steroids. I can only hope to get that good, after I turn 100 years old maybe.

I mean, look at this dammit:

And my personal favorite: “Pyrats

Yea, America needs more talent like this. We also need to give young animators a chance, instead of declaring the art of 2D dead. We also need to give me a job dammit.

Yea, end of rant guys >.>

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