Listen to the voice of reason, it’s always right

Always listen to the little angel, the good side is always right.

You can’t argue with this logic! As a fat chubby guy this is the best idea ever (at least for the evening, or for the next couple of hours).

It’s funny how the angel shows up on the left side and not on the right, I thought the left shoulder was always considered the evil side.

Anyway, what’s better than fried chicken, porn, and chocking the chicken? It’s the greatest vicious circle in the life of any man; 1) fast food poisons the body; 2) pornography poisons the mind; 3) masturbation poisons the soul (according to religious beliefs).

And what do you do when you are not bored? Waste your time online until you get bored, then the vicious circle starts again!

[JHallComics] via [Reddit]

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