Marvel Comics plot device to replace regular (white) Nick Fury

It ain’t news by now that Marvel Comics is doing a soft reboot, sort of like what DC Comics did, but without the excessive changes (says them).

As you can see in that picture, black Nick Fury is there. So you have any idea how weird this is, let me explain this from the top of my head.

In the regular universe Nick Fury is the white guy we all know. In the Marvel Ultimate universe, Nick Fury is Samuel L Jackson. No, seriously, the character is based on him.

Anyway, because Marvel likes to fuck with their regular audience¬†(who happens to actually read their comic books) thinking people will actually start reading comics because of their movies, they developed this bad habit of changing things from their comic books depending on what happens in the movie adaptations. The idea is to not confuse new readers, because even though the movies are just adaptations of the Ultimate universe, and pretty much contained in their own universe, Marvel thinks it’s alright to fuck everything up, completely ignoring their true comic book audience, and the many universes they have created.

The way I see it Marvel should just create a line of comic books based on the movies and make it a different universe. What you are about to read is the most retarded plot device I have yet to find in a comic book, it’s like it was taken from an 80’s Saturday morning cartoon.

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I laughed way too hard at this, but then I was sad. My problem with this is not just the sudden placement of one character over another when there’s no need for it, but the fact that they are using the success of the movies as an excuse to destroy ongoing stories that many fans were actually reading.

The bottom line is that if Marvel keeps doing this stupid changes based on the movies, they might as well start writing better adaptations, because frankly, their movies have been all about action, but the stories are full of holes that make my inner comic geek angry and frustrated.

I hope one day Marvel stops trying to force their regular continuity reflect the story from an adaptation based on a comic book, it really is getting retarded.

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