Extreme lack of updates? Nonsense.

It’s been a while since I went on a (sh*t)posting spree, and Steam might be responsible. Sure, I also got kind of mad at google for flagging my site for malware like 15 times in a row (not even kidding), but it’s not the main reason.

This site got slammed so many times in a row that I ended up giving up on posting for a while, especially when I had to wait for the review to either pass or fail. I kept getting notifications just a few days apart between November and January.

The culprit was none other than one of the advertising networks I use here, but my site was being blamed by Google’s scanners, even when there were no samples of the so called “malware.” Since I could never replicate it I had to keep removing and placing back the ad code.

Sometimes the review takes a few days, sometimes less than a day, but I just didn’t feel like dealing with it. I deleted many of the other messages, but here’s a peak at the last ones.


What baffles me is how Google decides to police ads while they run an ad network as well; it’s like a mob boss who’s also the chief of police and only goes after rival gangs. It would be easier if they go and talk to the advertising network in question, but it’s easier to blame the site owner.

Anyway, this long pause gave me enough time to waste watching TV, play dumb Android games, and start looking for a new desktop computer.

The good news is I finally got me a new desktop computer, so I finally retired my old trusty partner in crime. The kind of bad part about it was my timing, and in the end I couldn’t afford the Intel Core i7 desktop tower I wanted. You see, buying a computer around Black Friday was a really bad idea because the tower I had my eye on went from $600 to almost $1000 in a matter of days, and then after they sold out, they reappeared at different online market places (like eBay, Walmart, Amazon) for over $1000. I wasn’t looking for a gaming computer, so this was a bit overkill for being just a tower with a regular SATA HDD, and integrated graphics.

In the end I settled for an HP Pavilion 550 series desktop and monitor bundle that I saw at a local Sam’s Club for $999. I wasn’t really looking for a new monitor, but it was the only Core i7 they had, and I have to admit the 27″ monitor is really nice. It also helped that I have a store credit, so there’s that.

After upgrading to Windows 10 and getting rid of all the bloatware during the upgrade, I ended up using it for a few video games on Steam, even though it wasn’t what I had in mind. It’s an older Core i7 processor and the NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 graphics card that came with it is not what I would call a gaming card, but it runs just fine for now.

TL;DR Google busting my chops made me embrace my lazy side, but at least I got me a new computer, which is nice.

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