Spice up your drinks with the ‘Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray’

This has got to be the ultimate party gift ever, whether you live in a galaxy far, far away, or not.

What’s better than ice cubes in your deliciously heavy alcoholic beverage? Han Solo in carbonite, because carbonite is cool. Also, Darth Vader finds your use of simple ice cubes in that alcoholic beverage you have there disturbing.

Just look at this, it has such a dramatic impact you will want to chug on that drink as fast as you can to save poor Han Solo!


There’s no way you can do that with ice cubes, but don’t fret about it. So, how would you go about making such impressive work of fine Dark Side art? It’s simple. We use the Han Solo in Carbonite ice cube tray.

The Han Solo Ice Cube Tray comes with room for six (6) small, 1.75″ Han Solos and one (1) large, 3.5″ Solo. As you can see Solo doesn’t come solo. (OK, I know my way to the door, thank you very much.)

Look, you have enough for six drinks and a jug so you can keep on drinking while you’re drinking.

It’s so awesome it also works with chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate! (Probably those who would end up in the hospital if they eat a piece, and dogs, but that’s besides the point).

Product Specifications

  • Officially-Licensed Star Wars Collectible
  • Freezer safe down to -40F
  • 7 Han Solos (6 small and 1 large)

If somebody asks you, “hey, why didn’t you use regular ice cubes,” you can safely reply, “because carbonite is cold, and because FROST YOU, that’s why.”

Boba Fett approves of the Han Solo in Carbonite ice cube tray, after all, the Empire will compensate him if Solo melts.

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